Thursday, 20 February 2014

"Elf Island" - Sandbox / Hexcrawl Preview

I've been playing about with Hexographer recently and I've put together this little map, a Far Flung Island inhabited by warring Elves, mischievous Puck and a nervous Edge Landers trading colony.

I'm planning to write this up as a sandbox / hexcrawl module, including such highlights as;

- Warlike tribes of vindictive Elves, bearing centuries old grudges and savagely cruel imaginations.
- Mischievous villages of creatively genius, but morally bankrupt, Puck.
- Sea Devil infested marshlands.
- Dormant volcano. Dormant volcano. Volcano!
- A newly settled trading colony.
- A recently destroyed trading colony.
- Dungeons and not-dungeons galore.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you guys have for things to put into the island, monsters you'd like to fight or locations you'd like to adventure in, as well as any hints + tips on making better maps next time round!


  1. Looks great! Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Replies
    1. Coming soon - Obsidian Pygmies, born of ash and fire...

  3. Couple site-based things:

    A lot of folks will, of course, say shipwrecks. But what if the proverbial shipwrecks of a 'lost' island were instead digested into some kind of great wooden hive by formians or forest goblins (or formian-riding forest goblins)? All kinds of repurposed bits from ships could show up

    And of course, an underwater reef-cave-thing populated by undead mermen, servants of a sahuagin necromancer. Because, reasons.

    1. Thanks for the awesome inspiration, the underwater world is going to be just as populated as the overground and I'll try and fit undead mermen and a sauagin necromancer in for sure! But definitely expect sea-devils, deep ones, semi-aquatic lizardmen and more vying for their place in the brutal land of the elves.

  4. I know this is an old post on an old I found via google and that you'll probably never see this but... Rivers do not work like that!