Friday, 28 March 2014

Parker's Pipe

This is the famous pipe of Captain Pineas Parker, believed lost in the elven raid that destroyed the trading colony on Crab Shanks island. Parker was renowned for his habit of crumbling coral from the reef around Crab Shanks into his tobacco before smoking, an affectation that he described as 'victuals for the sharp mind and a tonic for the shaky soul'. Survivors of the colony have suggested that this habit was also the catalyst for his eventual horrible death at the hands of the elves.

Description: A long handled ivory pipe, carved from the horn of a narwhal. Delicate grooves circle the slender handle, and the bowl is carved with the face of a jungle puck.

Effects: Parker's Pipe is inhabited by a capricious sea daemon that hates the elves and poisons the mind of anyone that uses it. When used to smoke crushed coral from an elven reef, it will increase the users Intelligence score by +1 and give magic users the ability to memorise one more spell per day up to the highest level available to them. This effect lasts for 24 hours or until the pipe is smoked again, but bonuses do not stack. Each time the pipe is smoked, there is a cumulative 5% chance that the daemon will be activated and begin to affect the mind of the smoker. Once the daemon has been activated, the bonus increases to give a +2 Intelligence score to the user and the ability to memorise two more spells per day, but this only lasts for 4 hours before the pipe must be used again. The activated daemon will whisper secret recipes to the user, suggesting that using the pipe to smoke elven flesh along with the coral will bring further powers. Each time the daemon activated pipe is smoked the user must make a saving throw or be possessed by the subtle devil for the next 24 hours, during which time they will quietly seek to murder, flay and smoke an elf.

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